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We are an exclusive community.
For ladies and gents who intend to share their wisdom, experience, network and access to further fellows.

Wwe are 600 of this kind actually: Sophisticated and seasoned professionals with substantial experience in any business, health & science, arts, sports, philantrophics and foundations.

Benefit of your biz, life and technology experience – do not spoil by “retiring”. Startups: looking for this expertise and capital?


Selection of our projects & startups


STARTUP HYBCON-BOARD A new and innovative generation of a powerful and multifunctional Human Machine Interface solution. Development and marketing of a multifunctional HMI Device for

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Unleash Future Boats

STARTUP UNLEASH FUTURE BOATS We present an ecosystem around electrical autonomous ships including fully digital harbors, hydrogen and charging infrastructure, shipyard, and JVs – zero

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Partner in Cream

STARTUP PARTNER IN CREAM Partner in Cream is a beauty brand which has been developed to help people achieve their best skin through personalised skincare.

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We invite you to explore your intuition or indulge a passion. Perhaps there is something you wanted to do or try for many years. Today could be the time to start and share.

You want to found/ you founded a startup or a new business looking for investors, mentoring, coaches, door-openers, access to potential clients.

Option: With our application form, you can download the word template here which includes all information for your project and your startup resp.

Especially for Startups! We will review your application and publish your startup visible for everyone (all site visitors). Of course, the project page includes all the necessary links to your website and social media channels.

We will promote your project & startups in our newsletter and in a community post to all members. Projects & Startups may also present in our regular jours fixes. Additionally we may post your project or startup in our founder’s Linkedin profile (appr. 25,000 contacts)