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Are You Experienced?!

Our exclusive community is designed for ladies and gents who want to share their wisdom, experience, network, and access to further fellows.

Experienced Professionals!

If you have 25+ years of experience , curious and open-minded, you could be a valuable asset to a startup. 

Detect Startups to Support: Search for startups based on industry, stage of development, or specific needs. You can offer your expertise, network, or even investment capital.

Stay Engaged: Rekindle your passion by applying your knowledge to exciting new ventures.

Expand Your Network: Connect with young, innovative minds and build new relationships.

Give Back: Use your experience to mentor and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.


you are looking for support? connect with:

Experienced Mentors: Gain valuable insights, guidance and introductions from seasoned professionals.

Potential Investors: Secure funding to help your startup grow.

Early Adopters: Find your first customers and validate your product or service.

Boost Your Credibility: Having experienced professionals backing you can attract investors and customers.

Gain Valuable Feedback: Get insights from mentors to refine your strategy and improve your product.

Accelerate Growth: Move faster with the support of a network of experienced individuals.


Selection of our projects & startups


STARTUP HYBCON-BOARD A new and innovative generation of a powerful and multifunctional Human Machine Interface solution. Development and marketing of a multifunctional HMI Device for

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Unleash Future Boats

STARTUP UNLEASH FUTURE BOATS We present an ecosystem around electrical autonomous ships including fully digital harbors, hydrogen and charging infrastructure, shipyard, and JVs – zero

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Partner in Cream

STARTUP PARTNER IN CREAM Partner in Cream is a beauty brand which has been developed to help people achieve their best skin through personalised skincare.

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