A new and innovative generation of a powerful and multifunctional Human Machine Interface solution. Development and marketing of a multifunctional HMI Device for use in all IT-based areas. Our technology offers re-usability and multifunctionality by fast transforming according to user’s request being e.g. a Keyboard or mobile phone or laptop, etc.



HMI devices like keyboards are offered as monolithic solutions. They are functionally limited, become electronic scrap in case of defect, cannot be cleaned germ-free, etc.

Our solution, the HYBCON-BOARD is a multifunctional HMI device that becomes the e-device in seconds in function and design, what the user wants: A sustainable all-in-one solution vs many different individual devices, whether keyboard, tablet PC, mobile phone, computer system or others. Our innovation sets new standards for the today’s turning point, resource-saving, sustainable, multifunctional, the circular

economy in focus, with innovative features, such as sterility without chemicals, data security, avoiding electronic waste, all languages support.


Solution & Innovation

In contrast to standard keyboards functioning as pure input devices, our solution is an integrative, multifunctional and dialogue-enabled platforms. They are globally marketable wherever IT is used. All modules of our solution generate their own added values. Target customers are at all social levels and in all age groups, from children to seniors, from specialists to consumers/gamer, with and without a

handicap. Depending on the requirements our solution is compatible with all peripheral devices, such as TV, multimedia and even industrial systems. It offers a high standard of reliable security regarding protection of company and personal data. It also extends the security of existing computer systems. Tailormade and on-demand production is possible. Our products are highly profitable.


Business Model

Our business model is based on 3 pillars: 1) core products based on our technology, 2) licencing, 3) data processing for AI applications and statistics. Pricing strategy: Our market entry profit margins range from 165% to 280% and we can serve all price ranges in the medium term, from low to high, as well as all age groups from child to senior.

Key resources and key partners are: Personnel, Core products, our own marketplace and strategic partners. Our technology generates new patents and utility models. Depending on the amount of funding, the product width/depth as well as the professional setup and a global patent observation will be defined. With the financing, further products are registered for patent.


The Ask

Next Level: We need 500.000 Euro for the development of a marketable prototype based on a written offer from the Fraunhofer Institute. This allows us to develop and test the prototype in various real-life application situations with experts in an interdisciplinary team. The marketable prototype is planned to be developed in 10 to 12 months, resulting in new patentable solutions.

Advantage: We will develop the prototype together with physicians and experts of the medical sector in a real clinic environment. Results and all necessary tests and studies will be part of the prototyping, which will support and accelerate the launch of the HYBCON-BOARD.



Jean-Marc Trobrillant

CEO / IT engineer / inventor, patentee

He has diploma in international business and informatics. His expertise in based on profound experiences in the IT sector by also having leadership positions in several global player companies. 

Christine Jimenez

CMO / mgr. reg. affairs pharma

She is supporting the project from the beginning. She invests in the project and she has profound expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. 


He has deep expertise in the aircraft sector. He is experienced with respect to hygiene themes in the aircraft sector and he is well connected there. Frank has also invested in the project.

Kurt Ohlich


Kurt has deep expertise in the education area. He is in a position to push our product in the educational sector. Kurt has also invested in the project and is a well-experienced networker.

Frank Hoffmann

technical advisor

Frank has deep knowledge in the keyboard sector. He has already founded companies. He has profound knowledge and experience in computer systems and programming software. Frank is well connected with organizations as e.g. the Computer Chaos Club.

Günter Schmittberger

strategical advisor

Günter is connected internationally. He will be a strong partner concerning the deployment of the project in sectors as e. g. finance and security. Günter is also well-connected to other multiplicator networks.

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