Partner in Cream is a beauty brand which has been developed to help people achieve their best skin through personalised skincare.



Every skin is unique and is the most important barrier for your health. Therefore it is important to protect and support it. Most people don’t even know what they need for healthy skin and are making bad choices for their skincare.

We found out that 1 person out of 2 needs to try more than 50 different brands and face creams during their lifetime until they find a good one, which makes 78% of them frustrated with their skincare.


Solution & Innovation

We created Partner in Cream, a beauty brand for the users, with the concept that you can personalise your skincare according to your skin’s needs, all with natural organic ingredients.

We developed a smart range with creams dedicated to each skin type and serums for each skin concern, according to your skin profile which is designed by your skin type and skin concerns, each person can create his own personalised skincare.

Each cream and serum has been tested and approved by a group of users for several months. Each activity was validated for its efficiency in targeting each skin type and concern.


Business Model

We are a Direct to Consumer, Digitally Native Vertical Brand startup. We have an affordable luxury price positioning which grants us profitable unit economics on the online channel and we complement the digital presence with a minor share of offline distribution.


The Ask

July 2022: We are raising 800k EUR convertible notes for 18 months of runway. With this investment, we’ll scale up and accelerate growth to reach 1.6M EUR revenue in 2024. We validated and completed the formulas (IP) and concept, we tested the market with the MVP batch, and now we are ready to grow. We are looking for an investor who is experienced in the cosmetic area and that can help us accelerate distribution and realise our vision to keep building Partner in Cream.




Ida, French, the soul of the project who create the concept and the product formulas, backed with an MBA in international management, worked 7 years in the luxury area in Paris.


Diogo, Portuguese, a Digital marketing expert, with an MBA in business has 12 years of experience in middle and big corporations such as Unilever and Siemens.


Alexandre, Brazilian, joined the adventure 2 years ago and has been recruited for his strong experience in one of the biggest Cosmetic companies in the world Natura. We are 100% dedicated into the project since 2 years now.

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