General Terms of Service

The lifelong membership  for professionals is valid for the lifetime of the service. Should Cannobe KG or the service dissolve for any reason, your access to  Cannobe services may be terminated.

The Cannobe membership fee of Euro/USD 900 one-time (professionals category),  is paid in advance with no expiration date and is non-refundable.

Euro/USD 650 for startups (two years membership, non-refundable-

Amounts will be charged upon confirmation of membership.

Membership is activated upon receipt of payment.

No “guarantees” are given with regard to any results. No liability for the conduct, integrity, authenticity or other attributes of members who publish them in their profiles. Cannobe is not liable for contracts concluded between members. We check the applicants’ interests in a telephone call and/or personal interview; further checks on the authenticity or truthfulness of data or other information are carried out within the framework of personal contact. Members can move around the member area indefinitely or frequently; there are no restrictions on the number of visible and contactable members. Members individually determine which elements of their profile are visible to other members. This can be adjusted at any time. Members should keep self-advertising to a reasonable extent. Members can complain to Cannobe about members (admin@cannobe.com) if they feel harassed by unqualified or overly promotional contact. Anyone who meets our admission criteria is welcome. Origin, religion, gender, political views are not relevant to Cannobe and are not asked for. Therefore, any postings or publications with relevant content should be omitted.   Newsletter from Cannobe Cannobe will send newsletters at irregular intervals (max. every six weeks) to all members that may also contain content provided by members.

Data protection (see privacy policy)
Cannobe warrants that the data collected will not be used in any way beyond the portal or made available to third parties. Also our sponsors and partners do not receive any data. Therefore, no profile links with external access are possible, since visibility of the profiles is reserved exclusively for members.

Exclusion & termination
In the event of termination by members, all stored data will be irrevocably deleted upon request or – upon request – only deactivated in the event of a renewal or revival of membership. For important reasons (such as frequent complaints, overly superficial political opinions, etc.) the member will be excluded by Cannobe by deleting the profile.

The members are solely responsible for information, statements and references (together “information”) which they post on the platform www.cannobe.com about themselves, their intentions, their personal and professional environment or about other things. The owner of the platform, Cannobe KG, has no influence on the content and scope of the information collected from the members, in particular Cannobe KG does not check the information for accuracy, completeness, suitability or appropriateness.

Cannobe KG excludes, as far as legally permissible, any liability for the correctness, completeness, expediency or appropriateness of the information provided by the members. However, if Cannobe KG believes that its members are in violation of the law by providing the information, Cannobe will impose restrictions on the information.

With this platform Cannobe KG supports the networking of its members. However, the members are solely responsible for the networking themselves. Cannobe KG does not assume any liability for the fact that the interests and requests of the members, which they pursue with the membership with Cannobe and the provided information, are fulfilled.

In particular, Cannobe KG does not mediate any legal transactions and assumes no liability for legal transactions, actions similar to legal transactions or other actions of its members that come about as a result of networking at Cannobe. Before initiating any contact or legal transaction with any other member, each member should perform such checks as are necessary for such a transaction regardless of the information exchanged on the platform. In addition, Cannobe KG reserves the right to restrict or close a member’s account if it believes that its services are being misused by the member.