Cool experienced people
with taste and sagacity


Seasoned Souls Invigorating the Future

Cannobe is the ideal platform for active or retired (note: Old Age Is not the Problem – Old Ideas Are!) professionals who wish to find inspiring and likeminded people from management, technology, business, research & science, art & culture, sports … we are sector agnostic.

It is our goal to build a network of experienced professionals that is based on trust and personal interaction: smart people know smart people they are likely to introduce to a project or startup!

We believe in  offering opportunities to individuals in an increasingly difficult socio and economic times.

Cannobe  is intergenerational connecting experienced people with young professionals. Not only but also for fun and good arbor!

Cannobe encourages its members to follow their intuition and tackle their vision, project or start-up with confidence as there is a supporter for every project (we accept)– members empower members to move forward.



Our Supporter Team behind Cannobe

Ulf Leonhard


Dr. Monika Pasetti



Simone Märten-Hosemann


Dirk Nessenius


Peter Mayer


Dirk Ohlmeier


Hans-Eike von Oppeln-Bronikowski


Michael Schoepe


Stefan Ritt


Hanns-Peter Wiese


Jochen Schmidt


Andreas Schweitzer



My mission

Ulf Leonhard, Potsdam, Founder of Cannobe, born in 1959: In 2018, I launched Cannobe. My vision is a new type of club in which members could use their experience and personal contacts for broader benefit, within a community of like-minded individuals. I spent more than 25 years in matching people with ideas (startups) with people who intend to invest with a track record in organizing more than 160 forums matching innovators with investors in Europe and the US. Cannobe is a continuation of whatI started in 1997.

Just call Ulf Leonhard if you want to get a personal impression +49-151-12749148 (I am CET)

Legacy: At a certain point in life, many people who have achieved personal and professional milestones yearn to share their hard-earned experience with others. For these people, the focus is no longer building their CV. Knowledge can be read or studied, but experience is linked to a time horizon, a period. Experience calls out to be shared with others.

Until now, the problem has been finding a forum to share this experience within a network of like-minded people. People who can help broaden horizons beyond existing professional networks, associations, and activities. Cannobe will match startups and companies with experienced people, experts, executives, entrepreneurs for mutual support through advice, action, and much more.

Impact: We live in a world facing significant challenges such as climate change, water and critical resource shortages, deforestation,  pandemics , refugees and migration, among others. Our political institutions are ever more limited in their ability to provide solutions.

Yet at the same time, our generation has built up an incredible reserve of professional and life experience, networks, influence, and financial resources. Imagine what can be achieved if we use this reserve of talent and experience to benefit others!  I want to create a community for members who are motivated by taking personal and direct action with others, in a trustful, open, and supporting environment.

Serendipity: With Cannobe you will be part of a community that supports you and gives you exciting challenges. People who wish to broaden their professional horizons – beyond and in addition to their existing networks, associations, and activities – with like-minded people at eye level. Professional and life experience made visible and useful. Legacy rooted in professional life and technology experience, networks and access to relevant people and capital to invest if needed. Being involved in our community will make sense for you if you have experience and want to stay open and curious no matter what you are currently doing.

Startups and Projects: We will continuously introduce you to startups, initiatives, and projects, and at the same time you are welcome to present your own ideas, projects, and interests.

  • Do you have your own concepts and initiatives, and would like to implement them by asking for recommendations, partners, supporters?
  • Do you want to be involved in projects with like-minded peers?
  • Would you like to support startups with your experience and/or your money?