Spyce – Social Mobility

SPYCE is an urban hitch-hiking start-up by Movebis. The SPYCE team consists of experts in UX design, APP development, automotive and marketing. We have completed the first version for iOS & Android and we are now planning our initial investment round.



The biggest problem for drivers and passengers are spontaneity and flexibility. 83% of single drivers say that they prefer to drive alone because of the flexibility, although they consider this a waste of energy and would like to have alternatives.
Movebis has recognised that flexibility and spontaneity are necessary requirements for shared urban mobility.

That is why we are developing SPYCE. With SPYCE Movebis “invents and urbanises” hitchhiking – which today we can describe more aptly as social mobility. With “urban hitchhiking” Movebis combines spontaneity as well as flexibility and comfort.


Solution & Innovation

What makes SPYCE unique is the spontaneity, flexibility and comfort that the platform offers drivers and passengers through the use of predictive functions based on artificial intelligence. In addition to technological implementation, behavioural, psychological aspects play a decisive role in the acceptance of the transformation of urban mobility.

SPYCE integrates seamlessly into our everyday life and gets to know the user’s habits and that saves entering destinations for drivers and passengers! SPYCE actively makes suggestions for passengers and both only have to confirm.

AI meets Social Mobility – predictive mobility planning and user matching through AI algorithms, easy and fast use through voice control and CarPlay / Auto integration. With social Profiles, the driver knows in advance who he will be traveling with.



Business Model

Spyce Transaction Fee – close to Freemium Driver can share up to 50% journey costs with the rider. Spyce receives a fixed fee.


The Ask

We are looking for partners in the area of mobility and technology. We are interested in a business angel who shares our vsion and plan. Currently we prepare our application for the german mfund 1 program. During this 12 month programm we will devalop a feasability study for our privacy optimized predictive machine – which will learn and calculate user mobility and next destination on device (ferderated learning). Together with our partner from the DLR freemove project we will align state of the art technology with privacy concerns.




As graduate economist Till has +25 years of experience from Berlin’s digital agencies within tech evaluation, digital concept, service design, UX and visual communication. He has expertise from helping Mercedes Benz, Bayer, BMW Mini, WallDecaux i.a. with various project. Till serves as the driving force behind the strategy, marketing and communication at Movebis.


Dirk has more than +10 years of experience as Senior Engineering Project Leader of the VW Passat. He has expertise from implementing various major projects with budgets up to mid three-digit millions. After retiring from the automotive industry – he serves as an BA and CEO of his advisory firm – Contrarian GmbH. Dirk is deeply involved in the strategical planning, business plans and project setup at Movebis.

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