With Cannobe you are part of a community that supports you and gives you exciting challenges - if you like!

People who wish to broaden their professional horizons – beyond and in addition to their existing networks, associations and activities with like-minded people at eye level. Professional and life experience made visible and useful.

Legacy rooted in professional, life and technology experience, networks and access to relevant people and capital to invest if needed. we want to create a community for trustful, personal direct action and implementation.

Being involved in our community makes only sense for you if you have experience and want to stay open & curious no matter what you are currently doing.



€ 1 / Testing phase!

For experienced professionals or retired experts a lifetime access and Cannobe membership:

  • Activity feeds
  • Community News
  • Dashboard & Profile
  • Posts, Comments & Likes
  • Manage own Groups
  • Friends & Followers
  • Direct messages & Mentions
  • Notifications



€ 1 / Testing phase!

For Startups and Projects featured and presented on Cannobe:

  • Full Community Access (Personal)
  • Document Upload e.g. for Businessplan, Pitch-Deck …
  • Startup Group Management
  • Startup Pitch-Page Setup featured public on Cannobe Home and Project Page
  • Welcome Post in Cannobe Newsletter and Linked-In
  • including one year membership
  • membership



€ 150 / Month

For companies that want to present themselves on Cannobe and communicate about news and events.

  • Full Community Access (Personal)
  • Document Upload
  • Corporate Group Management
  • Welcome Post in Cannobe Newsletter and Linked-In

Cannobe Community Members:
Instructions, Tips, be proactive


How do I become a member? How much does it cost? And what will I get in return?

Cannobe offers three different membership levels:

  1. Professionals for individuals,
  2. Startups, and
  3. Companies for established businesses.

Each membership has an individual profile type and ability to communicate or present.

PROFESSIONALS: If you are an individual just complete our brief questionnaire and “sign up“. We do not ask for your CV details, just your expertise.

Our fee is 700 Euros for unlimited membership. This is a one-off payment which allows you to stay with us for as long as you consider your membership worthwhile.

You are welcome to present your own ideas, projects and concerns, while we undertake to continuously introduce you to startups, initiatives and projects that we have carefully reviewed.

We welcome:

  • executives from the private sector
  • Executives from the public sector
  • Researchers and scientists
  • (Representatives of) foundations, NGOs, initiatives, associations….
  • Freelancers, artists,
  • Entrepreneurs (shareholders/owners)

Do you have your own ideas, initiatives, projects, plans that you would like to implement but seek support and advice such as recommendations or know-how, before starting out?

Would you like to be involved in projects originated by other members?

Do you want to support startups with your experience and/or your investment?

Great, you are good to go!

STARTUPS: If you would like to present your startup or project to the members of Cannobe you can apply for this membership which is limited to three months (an extension is possible). You will get contacts and outreach to our community and beyond. With the startup landing page provided, which is accessible by all club members, you can present your idea and business model.

In our community you can then use your account to communicate and keep everyone up to date. Cannobe helps startups to find the right investors and know-how from the community. Startups can present themselves here in regular zoom pitches.

COMPANIES: The membership for companies allows the presentation and communication of your products and services in our community. The monthly subscription gives companies full access to Cannobe.


We invite you to explore your intuition or indulge a passion. Perhaps there is something you wanted to for many years. Today could be the time to start and share

With our application form, you can download the word template here which includes all information for your landing page.

Free for Professional membership and included for Startup membership. We will review your application and publish the landing page.

This page is then publicly visible to everyone and is indexed by search engines. Of course, the page includes all the necessary links to your website and social media channels.

Cannobe will promote the site after launch in the newsletter and in a community post to all members.


Alumni Memberships

Would you like to create a strong alumni network among your employees as leading companies like McKinsey or Citigroup have done? You can offer your departing employees a Cannobe membership that is tied to your company.

It is an incentive to stay connected with your employees and their endeavors. We offer a tailored program that will help you stay in touch with your former employees.

Skill shortages and demographic changes are leading to longer lasting professional careers, especially in management. The value of employees who have collected decades of hands-on professional experience is increasing. 

It is a pool of talent that offers tremendous potential.

Cannobe – Club of the Experienced Professionals is the platform where companies can stay in touch with their former employees and their activities.

Cannobe inspires, creates connections, and helps build a community of current and retired professionals. Are you interested in learning more?

Contact us, we are looking forward to getting to know you, hearing about your ideas and creating a program that is right for you!