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Author: “Wissen: Start-Up & Pitch” (German)

Consultant, actual projects Stern Hausboot, SPYCE, AURO Hovercraft.

Collaboration with DIGESO, Till Helmbold.

Shareholder at Cargolifter-successor, and advisor.


I retired from automotive industry after 30 years, thereof 10 years as senoir engineering project leader of the Volkswagen Passat, Arteon and Chinese Magotan.

Today my main focus is SPYCE, the Movebis GmbH-project, together with Till Helmbold. This is the first App-based hitchhiking solution that tears down all the user barriers. It is user and experience focused, instead of “efficiency-focused”, supported by a specific AI idea.

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The SPYCE project of course. We recently won at Bundesregierung mFund Pitch and are now looking for co-investors to enable us for larger government funding (lever).

Then Stern Hausboot (house boat) allows large investment projects by harbour- and marina restaurations, placing house boats for tourism. This concept is a lot faster from investment to return than holiday home projects.

LeviCraft and LeviShip https://leviship.com/

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yes but "top secret"

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Berlin life, and house in Hungary (to be built).

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My early retirement program allows me to be involved in the fantastic projects described above.

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