Glienecker Brücke

Cannobe: The network for select senior executives, serial entrepreneurs and active “retirees”

Old enough for new things – for people who do not count their years, but want to make their years count. For people with extensive professional and life experiences who are seeking professional and personal contacts within their peer group.

Our members come from:
  • Private sector
  • Public sector
  • Entrepreneurial Activity and business ownership
  • Investment community
  • Creative freelancer activity
  • The academia
  • Non-profits
  • Active retirement community members that want to pursue new challenges

Our Value-add
  • Mentoring and providing career and life perspective
  • Connecting people with new opportunities and challenges through our optimized search engine
  • Finding like-minded people for projects, ventures and leisure activities
  • Creating unique and fulfilling relationship experiences
  • Timely germane information
  • Strong international orientation and connections

Desired profile elements of members
  • Proven and validated track record
  • Successful entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Engagement in causes
  • Multicultural experiences
  • Academic credentials
  • Inventiveness – patent owner
  • Public life and media presence
  • Referrals by members
  • Honors and awards