Sugartrends is an intelligent platform for emerging brands, styles and products – mainly from Europe – that connects thousands of retail stores and their recommended products, in order to sell them on its single go-to-destination marketplace to consumers worldwide.



Customers used to buy emerging brands, styles & products in retail stores and now prefer to shop online, but don’t find the right supply, although the retailers have moved online. That is because

  • Customers expect a complete product & brand availability online, which no individual store has
  • Search, social media or influencers refer to the best paying & ranking, showing a biased selection
  • Emerging brands & stores avoid mass marketplaces, thus there is no single destination yet

Thus, supply & demand are not properly met in this 400B USD retail market segment!


Solution & Innovation

Our solution is the creation of a single destination for shopping emerging brands, styles & products, giving customers orientation and high availability of supply.

We can do it through…

  • Bundling recommended inventory from many online shop leads to a high availability
  • Centralized marketing will deliver high results on search and social media –increasing the visibility
  • Emerging brands & stores favor our specialized marketplaces, thus creating the first single destination

Thus, supply & demand are getting matched on a unique & specialized platform, which also functions as a meta influencers building high credibility and sustainability in e-commerce.


Business Model

We see a high chance to capitalize from a 400B EUR retail market segment that has gone online and is not captured by large mainstream players. Within the next 5-7 years, Sugartrends should be able to generate several billion EUR in sales on its platform with the according investment to grow into these business heights.

The main revenue streams will be

  • a sales commission of 20% on all products sold on Sugartrends.com,
  • followed by sign-up and service fees for the participating suppliers
  • and eventually revenues from becoming our own seller on sugartrends.com, offering the best-selling brands directly from the manufacturer/ brands


An IPO then is as possible as an acquisition by a large retail or internet player, thus investors will be able to receive a high return on invest.


The Ask

We are looking for a seed round of 1.3M EUR, of which 0.3M EUR have already by committed. Renowned investors (from private equity, consulting, retail up IT industry) have already invested in the past and continue to invest and support Sugartrends.

With the upcoming investment round, we can further grow our platform, increasing product count and sales, in order to reach a critical mass for investment funds to be able to invest in Sugartrends.

The key metrics can already be shown and can during the time be further highlighted and talks with funds can be started.

Around 50% of the seed investment will be used to market and grow sales. The other half will mainly for personnel in product/ store acquisition and IT development.

We seek a Series A round in 2023 of at least 6M EUR.




Christian has founded several companies before Sugartrends and advised not only corporates but also startups as a business angel on various areas like business development, strategy and innovation. He holds a PHD in Macro Economics in the field of innovation & entrepreneurship and has sold his last startup equity with a factor 7x. Christian has 3 kids and is a passionate skier, tennis player and entertains family & friends playing the piano.


Nils was an early investor in Sugartrends and long-time friend of Christian. He co-founded the new setup and structure with Christian during the last 2 years and brings in his experience as VO of Home24 and Zalando, as well a MD for a midsize retailer.  He spent his early years at the Boston Consulting Group and holds as Christian a Diploma in Business Engineering. Nils has 3 kids and loves skateboarding and mountain biking as well a traveling and cooking.

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