Stern Hausboot

Stern Hausboot develops and produces high-quality houseboats in Germany and Denmark. With the new factory in Denmark, Stern is scaling its successful business model, which also includes rental services for buyers.




  • Steadily rising land prices for waterfront properties are not affordable for many.
    Building permits for houses on the waterfront are now only granted in exceptional cases throughout Europe.
  • In many countries, such as Denmark, the purchase of residential property is not permitted for foreigners.
  • Locations for vacation homes in general are limited and exhausted. Vacations on the water are expensive and limited.
  • Climate change is leading to new vacation behavior. Air travel is being shunned here, and a trend toward regional and neighboring destinations is further increasing demand.


Solution & Innovation

  • Establishment of a new standard for houseboats through professionalization of design, technology, production and full-service rental at low cost of ownership and unrivaled price-performance ratio.
  • Increasing production, productivity and innovation capability due to enormous demand by transforming manufactory production to modular construction in the SternFabrik100.
  • Scaling of the rental model for vacation home boats built by Stern – similar to that of full-service vacation homes (marketing, rental, operation), rental income can be generated for buyers from day one.
  • Successful in the market for 10 years. Current production capacities do not cover the immense demand in Germany and Denmark.
  • For customers, a purchase is a stable value investment with returns through renting. No loss of value often also increase in value similar to real estate appreciation


Business Model

Stern represents the complete value chain for vacation houseboats. Development, production, sales and marketing of the houseboats rented out by our owners. With the strong positioning in Denmark – a market in which there are hardly any houseboats to date – Stern is pursuing a growth strategy in a market with very great potential. The vacation country Denmark and Sweden are important Destitationen for German holiday-makers. As foreigners are not allowed to buy vacation houses in Denmark, the houseboat is the possibility to make vacations in your own houseboat and therefore interesting for German and Danish customers.

Stern leads thereby the product houseboat from the niche market in which these are built so far in manual production in small numbers per year. Stern uses the modular construction method here and can thus increase productivity and production figures considerably to approx. 100 houseboats per year.


The Ask

To ensure the liquidity during the expansion we offer investors the purchase of convertible bonds up to € 500k over a period of 2 years. Tickets are available from 100k €. We are also interested in contacts and business opportunities in the tourism and real estate industry.





As former long-time CEO of the Danish vacation home rental company NOVASOL, Bernd developed NOVASOL into the European industry leader for vacation homes and apartments. NOVASOL managed 52,000 vacation homes in 28 countries including Denmark, Germany, Norway, Italy, Croatia, Sweden, France and Spain. As one of the leading Danish companies, NOVASOL was sold in 2017.
With this extensive experience, Bernd has taken over the marketing and strategic growth development for the new business model of “Stern Hausboot”.


Stefan Bode founded Stern Hausboot GmbH in 2011. A trained boat builder, he is the company’s technical director and produces Scandinavian-style houseboats at his shipyard in Bisdorf on Fehmarn. The houseboats are a hit with tourists and buyers. With long waiting lists, the current resources are fully utilized. Over the last years Stefan developed the marketable, durable and high-quality product “Stern Hausboot”. The transformation from manufactory to factory is an essential aspect of the following scaling.

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