Ulf Leonhard

Ulf Leonhard

Born on December 21, 1959 in Bonn-Beuel, Lutheran, married

Education and training

High School degree (Abitur) from Gymnasium am Oelberg

Military Service1978-1979

Parachute Battalion

Master Degree in Economics1986Diplom Kaufmann

During those university years two 6 months foreign country internships – one in Caracas, Venzuela and another one in Johannesburg, South Africa

Consultant1986 – 1992

Specialization in cost management, fund raising and strategy: 

  • Beratungsgesellschaft fuer Buero und Informationstechnik
  • A.T. Kearney Germany
  • Stauferkreis Holding
Started his own consulting business named Continua1993-2016
  • Focused on fund raising for midsized companies and management succession planning
  • Mandates by Treuhandgesellschaft  (trust agency) to reprivatize GDR businesses and Wickert Institute as interim CEO
  • Organized first major VC event in Germany called  “Deutsche Praesenzboerse”
  • Established “European Venture Market” first international match platform for fund raising
  • Organizer of ExpoFin
  • Major event planning: Watervent, “Spitze-bleiben” (stay on top) forum, 115 events, 13,500 participant
  • Representative of Portugal Ventures, Porto in Germany
Move to Potsdam, Founding of Cannobe KG2017
Corps Franconia, München
Industrieclub Potsdam
VBKI Berlin
Hunting, jogging and hiking, Baltic Sea and Lake Stechlin in Brandenburg, Full bodied red wines from France and Spain, Goat cheese and goat cheese makers in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg