Hubertus von Engelbrechten

Hubertus von Engelbrechten Techknow Inc.

On the surface it seems like Silicon Valley has a fascination with youth and is ruled by the young. However, when taking a closer look, it becomes apparent that there is a lot of adult oversight and experience-based advice in the background whether as investors, board members or consultants.

That’s where we come in. We create value by pooling long term experience and applying it to new exciting technologies and emerging dynamic markets.

The founder is a German native and Silicon Valley veteran with over 35 years experience in the technology industry in senior management positions at internationally operating Fortune 100 companies and founder of 2 successful start-up companies. He has been engaged over the last couple of years with bringing people and capital together in order to apply their knowledge to new ventures in the technology arena.

Besides professional relationships, we have also formed solid social connections across borders along areas of interest in race sailing, golf, skiing and travel.

A recent landmark study by AARP made the case for people over 50 and older by highlighting that attracting and retaining experienced people is critical to our economies and social fabric. People who stay active longer contribute to the economy and a healthier society.

We empower connections of all sorts and are always happy to meet new people with similar interest, enlarging our global network.