Ulf leonhard

Ulf Leonhard – founder: “I am a baby boomer and understand well what my generation thinks. Many of them are contemplating what to do in the next couple of years. Many of them are very active and want to continue to take on personal or business challenges for the coming years. Our network is going to facilitate an active lifestyle by establishing new connections of people with experience that still want to make things happen either in business or on the personal front.

My background for many years has been in organizing large events and bringing together businesses and investors. With 115 events under my belt and a total of 12.000 participants, I have developed a pool of 3.000 people who communicate with regularly. I understand what it takes to create a networking environment that brings people together to start new productive undertakings.

Most of today’s existing networks and associations are regional, very focused on short term professional activity and not usable for any personal ambitions. Cannobe is addressing that by being international and broadly focused within a defined pool of people such that we can provide people with networking opportunities in a variety of businesses, cause engagements and personal activities. By contrast to the current market leaders in networking, we actively manage our membership to guarantee a high quality pool of members and create an environment for sophisticated quality interactions.

We are not just collecting contact information, we structure our network to help people proactively find contacts which are essential for their business and personal endeavors.

In summary, we see ourselves as a networking platform that broadens people’s horizons and gives them easy access to meaningful contacts and people of one mind.”